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Use HTML in module titles

This article explains how you can use Content Enhancerto create modules that have HTML in their titles.

By default Joomla modules can not have HTML in their titles. If you try to insert HTML in the title field, itwill bestripped of. But what if you need the title of a module to be a link? Or if you want to alter its functionality in any other way?Fortunately, our Content Enhancer extensioncan help you with that.

With the installation of Content Enhancer, a module is also being installed. It is called Module Wrapper and is used to wrap a module and change its functionality. This module is also used by other extensions created by us, so its features may differ depending on what you have installed. Anyway, if the Content Enhancer extension is present, you will find an option to change the title of the underlying module. There you can input HTML and it will not be stripped off.

Note: do not use this feature just to change the appearance of your modules(for example, adding span tags). Although in some cases this might be OK, the better way to style your module titles is by using template overrides.