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Content Enhancer 2.5

Section: Joomla! Extensions
Version: 2.5 (See older versions.)
License: GPL v.2
Price: 49.00 USD
Random variables introduced

It is now possible to create variables that have random value.

A random variable is a variable that has a value randomly chosen from predefined values. Thepossible values could be specified either by acomma-separated list or by an SQL query. If query is used,the value is chosen randomlyfrom the results of the query.

There is a setting that allows you to choose whether a random variable is calculated everytime it is needed or only once per loading of a page.

A random variable could be used everywhere that a constant variable can, including in values of other variables.

An interesting way touse random variables is with the module's parameter alternation feature. This allowsrandomizing modules that does not support it natively.