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Enless Soft Content items and content replacements
Content items and content replacements

Content items.

A content item is actually a definition of how to get a value. It is possible to define it statically - as text, or dynamically – by PHP script, SQL query, user defined plug-in. After an item is defined it could be inserted in any article or HTML module using the provided WYSIWYG editor button. When rendering the page to the client, the item value is evaluated and replaced in the content.

Content replacements.

Content replacements are defined by source (replaced) text and replace (new) value. The source could be static text or a regular expression. The value could contain content items which are evaluated when the replacement is to be made.

Possible uses.

  • Reuse frequently used content parts (links, words, etc.) along the web site. This is not only saving your keyboard by making you type less. More important, it makes you confident in what you do – if you decide to change a name, link, etc. you won’t need to go through all your web site content. You only have to edit the content item and the changes are automatically reflected across your site.
  • Automatically replace content in your site. An example is when you want to explain some terms you use using a title tag. You only need to replace “term” with “<span title=’explanation’>term</term>”. It would be replaced in real-time in all articles\modules* you choose. By using automatic replacements you can focus more on content and let the Enhancer do its job.
  • Enhance modules on your web site by using content items as parameter values*. This is a good way to create dynamic modules – modules that act differently, based on the value of a variable. It is also a way to randomize module parameters that otherwise do not support randomization.
  • Content Enhancer has an extension mechanism that makes it even more flexible. You can use it to facilitate your custom extensions or extensions that you use. Note that integration with another component does not always require PHP programming skills.