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Enless Soft Feedback
In this section you can submit your feedback in various ways. It is really important for us to know more about your experience with our products and services. We highly value the time you spend to send us your feedback and would do our best to make sure it was not spent for nothing.

Contact us

If you just want to write us something that is not a bug report or a feature suggestion or you are just not sure where to address your feedback, here is the place for you.

Report a bug

Any software product may contain errors that cause its behaviour to change in an unexpected and, in most cases, undesired way. As much as we would like it, we cannot state the opposite for our products. Although we try to minimize errors in our applications, it is inevitable to have some present. We consider it very important to provide a way for our clients to report those errors. This way, we can address them as soon as they are experienced.

Suggest a feature

We are always trying to improve our products to better match our clients’ needs and expectations. Your feedback in that direction is very important for us. If you are missing a feature or just want something to be different in any of our products, please feel free to share it.


Polls are sometimes a useful way of getting your feedback on specific topics.