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Video Tutorials

Here you can find some video tutorials for the Content Enhancer product.

1. Content variables.

In this tutorial you will learn about one of the main features of Content Enhancer – the content variables. They allow you to define some dynamic or static content and bind it to a variable. You can then use this variable in your web site.

To give an example for that, this tutorial shows you how to define a variable that resolves to a frequently used link. Then it is given an example of how you can use this variable in articles and modules.

[watch tutorial]

2. Automatic replacements.

Automatic replacements allow you to define some dynamic or static content and have some part of your web site (a word, phrase, or any text) be automatically replaced with it. This tutorial shows you how automatic replacements are defined and used.

In this concrete example, we define a replacement for the string “contactus” so that it is automatically replaced with a link to our contacts page.

[watch tutorial]