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LIMITED OFFER: FREE SourceShare Pro licenses.

We are happy to announce that we decided to give away permanent SourceShare Pro licenses for free. Please note, that this is a limited offer. Normally only the Basic edition is free. You can compare the two editions here.

How it works.

To get a free license you still need to obtain a license file for your computer. This is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the free license:

  1. Download and install SourceShare. Note, that there is no separate installers for Pro and Basic versions, it is the same.
  2. Start Visual Studio and go to: Tools->Options->SourceShare->License.
  3. Click on “Activate Pro License” button.
  4. Make sure that “Full License” is selected for “License Type”.
  5. Input the following purchase key: 10000000000000000000000000000001
  6. Click “Activate” and wait for the license to be generated.

What’s good to know.

  • The offer applies to all supported Visual Studio versions.
  • The license you obtain is permanent and is valid for 1.x versions of SourceShare.
  • You can get as many licenses as you need.
  • You need to be connected to the internet in order to obtain the license using the steps above. If this is not possible, you can also use the manual procedure.
  • To use the free license you must agree to the same license agreement as if you have purchased the product. You can read it here.
  • You only need a single per machine, it will work for all supported Visual Studio versions. SourceShare supports VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010.