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Advanced Contexts Manager 1.7

Section: Joomla! Extensions
Version: 1.7 (See older versions.)
License: GPL v.2
Price: 42.00 USD


Parameters and features.

Features explained.

Precise control of module visibility

Joomla only allows setting module visibility based on the currently active menu item. There are many scenarios where this is not sufficient. With Advanced Contexts Manager you could define module visibility based on the currently active context(s). This is far more advanced and gives you full control over where a module is displayed.

Easy to use administrative interface

This extension features standard Joomla-style administrative interface.

Use HTML in the title of a module

Using the included Enhancer Module allows you to have HTML in the titles of modules. For example, you can set the module title to be a link to other page from your site. You can use any HTML as a title. This is not currently possible in Joomla.

Context-based module parameter alternation

You can alter a module’s parameters based on the currently active web site context(s). This feature has many possible uses. Based on the current context you could: set different module class suffixes, render news from different sections, and many more. Basically, anything that the module allows to be set could be made dependent on the context. You no longer need different modules that do almost the same thing. Even more, you could have dynamic parameters by using request or session variables in parameter values. Randomizing a module parameter is also a possibility (only if you have the Content Enhancer product installed.

Integration with Title Manager and Breadcrumbs Manager

It is possible to bind title and breadcrumbs patterns to a context. This allows even better management of title and breadcrumbs by using the most appropriate pattern in each context.

No changes in core files

This extension does not change any of the Joomla core files. This means that you can update your Joomla installation without worrying that something may break.

Easily extendable

This extension is designed with extensibility in mind. It features simple plug-in architecture to allow user customization. More details on creating extensions is available in the product documentation.