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Breadcrumbs Manager 1.7

Section: Joomla! Extensions
Version: 1.7 (See older versions.)
License: GPL v.2
Price: 49.00 USD


Parameters and features.

Features explained.

Flexible pattern model

Breadcrumbs Manager features a very flexible pattern model. The breadcrumbs are defined by patterns. Each pattern contains one or more breadcrumbs items. The definition of breadcrumbs items is very flexible. There are some predefined Joomla-related items and you could define your own items using text, SQL queries or PHP script. It is also possible to create your own sets of items by writing a plug-in.

The pattern model has two types of patterns – Global and Special. Global patterns are ordered and the first appropriate pattern is used when displaying a page. Special patterns are bound to specific places of the web site.

Default breadcrumbs starting/ending

You can define default starting/ending items for the breadcrumbs in your web site. These items are displayed regardless of the currently active pattern.

Static breadcrumbs items

It is possible to define static breadcrumbs items. These items are inserted in any pattern in a user-defined position (index). It is possible to define activation conditions for a static item which makes the feature quite flexible.

Example: you could append an item “Products” which links to your main “Products” page when the currently displayed article is from the “Products” section.

Strict patterns

It is possible to mark a pattern as “strict”. Strict patterns are only used if all of their items could be resolved. Normal patterns just skip items that could not be resolved for the current page. This helps you making context-dependant patterns.

Integration with Content Enhancer

If you have Content Enhancer installed, you can use its features with Breadcrumbs Manager:

  • use variables in your custom breadcrumbs items
  • use automatic replacements in your patterns

Integration with Advanced Contexts Manager

If you have Advanced Contexts Manager installed, you can use its features with Breadcrumbs Manager:

  • it is possible to bind a pattern to a context provided by Advanced Contexts Manager
  • it is possible to define a static item to be used only when certain context is active

Easily extendable

This extension is designed with extensibility in mind. It features simple plug-in architecture to allow user customization. More details on creating extensions is available in the product documentation.

Easy to use administrative interface

This extension features standard Joomla-style administrative interface.

No changes in core files

This extension does not change any of the Joomla core files. This means that you can update your Joomla installation without worrying that something may break.