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Enless Soft Products Visual Studio Extensions
Visual Studio Extensions

During our development process, among other things,we are trying to create software productsthatare easily extensible. This results in applications that frequently use common componentsto do their owntasks. Some of these components are general enough to be used by other software developers. This category holds those components we decided to publish. All items require advanced knowledge in software development.

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Visual Studio SourceShare is a Visual Studio extension that helps you with the task of multi-targeting your code. Using it you can reference the same classes (source files) in projects targeted on different .NET frameworks. This way you can structure your code in a much cleaner and manageable way.

A good example is using the same source files in WPF and Silverlight projects. Normally you cannot reference desktop framework assembly or project from Silverlight project. SourceShare negates this restriction by allowing you to reference the source files.

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