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Enless Soft Products Joomla! Extensions Email Protector Plug-in

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The Email Protector Plug-in is a Joomla! 1.5 plug-in that hides the email addresses on your web site from robots that collect them and send spam. It has the same purpose as the core Joomla content plug-in that comes with the installation of Joomla. Of course, there are some differences.

Unlike the core Joomla email cloak plug-in, ours handles the whole page, not only articles. This allows you to have email addresses everywhere in the page without worrying, for example, in Custom HTML module.

Another difference is that our plug-in does not break pages that have email addresses in input fields. The Joomla plug-in tries to cloak those emails and replaces them with some JavaScript that is not valid for this location. Our plug-in does not handle emails in input fields. We consider that having an email in an input field is only possible when you are logged in your profile something a robot cannot achieve.

Finally, we have a different way of cloaking emails than the standard Joomla plug-in. Ours is probably not better, it is just different.