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Can Brdcrmbs Mgr be used to SUPPRESS breadcrumbs?
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Author:  Steve Kobb [ 27 Feb 2010, 00:22 ]
Post subject:  Can Brdcrmbs Mgr be used to SUPPRESS breadcrumbs?

Lyubomir --

There are a few pages in our at the top level of navigation that really don't need breadcrumbs. In fact, it's actually annoying to see breadcrumbs there because the information is redundant.

So can I use your product to actually HIDE the path information?

Here's what I did. (This approach didn't work, but at least you can critique my logic.)...

1. I created a Global Pattern called "Blank". This pattern has no items in it.

2. I then created a Static Item just for a specific URL, and then referenced the "Blank" pattern.

Well, it seemed like a reasonable idea, but unfortunately, it didn't give me the effect I wanted.

For example, the top-level About page still displayed the breadcrumb "About".

Your comments are welcome.

Steve Kobb

Author:  Lyubomir Dokov [ 27 Feb 2010, 01:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Can Brdcrmbs Mgr be used to SUPPRESS breadcrumbs?

Hi Steve.

We never had such requirement before, but it surely is possible - one way or another. However, using a static item is probably not the way to do it. Static items just add breadcrumbs items to whatever pattern is currently active. The blank pattern will work so the problem is how to make it active on the pages you need. This could be done by using pattern binding or sometimes by using strict patterns. It might also be achieved by using strict items but not in the way you tried.

Pattern binding:
For pattern binding you will need another product that we offer - Advanced Contexts Manager. It allows you to define different "contexts" in your site and then in Breadcrumbs Manager you can bind special patterns to this "contexts". This option surely works - I just tested it. This is the easiest and cleanest way to do what you want. However, you should try the other options first, so you don't have to purchase additional product license.

Strict patterns:
If you mark a pattern as strict it will be used only if all of its parts can be evaluated. For example, if you have a "Current article" item it can only be evaluated when the user is on an article page(option=com_content&view=article). It might be possible to define your patterns in such way that your blank pattern is the only usable pattern in the pages you want. This depends on the patterns you use.

Strict items:
This option is only usable if you use only one pattern. You can define it the way it works for you and then disable it. Then you can define a blank pattern. This will cause no breadcrumbs on all pages. Then you can create a static item using the real pattern and bind the static item to the pages you need.

Can you please describe what patterns you have defined so that I can get an idea of what's going on? I need more info to be able to give the right solution.

Author:  Steve Kobb [ 02 Mar 2010, 23:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Can Brdcrmbs Mgr be used to SUPPRESS breadcrumbs?

Lyubomir --

I got the effect I wanted a totally different way that did not involve Breadcrumbs Manager.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that I asked the question, because your detailed response helped me to understand the product much better.

Thanks so much for your comments.

Steve Kobb

Author:  Lyubomir Dokov [ 03 Mar 2010, 00:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Can Brdcrmbs Mgr be used to SUPPRESS breadcrumbs?


I am glad you got it working - one way or another.

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