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.NET products manual licensing

This is the place where you can get a license for all of our .NET based products.

Please note, that this is not the recommended way to get a license. We strongly advise using the automated procedure that is integrated in each of our products. It is the easiest way to acquire a license. This page is created as a fallback if for some reason the automated procedure does not work for you.

.NET licensing basics

Our products are licensed on a per-computer basis. For that reason, in order to generate a license, we will need the identity of the computer that will use the product. This identity is represented using a 25 characters long key in the following format: ####-####-####-####-####. Each of our .NET based products has an integrated licensing info page where you can examine the current license and generate a new license. There you will be able to find the identity/hardware key of the computer.

There are two types of licenses that we use. Here is some basic information about each.

Evaluation license

An evaluation license is a fully functional license for a limited time period. It is meant only for evaluating the product and will stop working after that period has passed. After that you can always purchase the product and continue using it without loosing any data or settings. You can obtain a free evaluation license for any of our products.

Important: only one evaluation license is issued per computer (hardware ID). If you need additional time for evaluation, please contact us.

Full license

The full license is the license that you will be able to acquire once you have purchased the product. To get it you will need to supply the purchase key that was sent to you in the "Successful purchase" email.

Important: you may only request a limited number of full license files with your key. That depends on the license of the product you purchased. Be sure to use all your keys only from the computer that you intend to use the product on.